Have you lost your precious & memorable pictures & want to restore them back? Then this article is specially written for you. Photos are the best way of keeping precious memories alive. Whenever we feel that a moment is special, we take a picture of it. There are some photos that we want to cherish forever & cannot afford to lose them. But there are situations that will force you to lose them & you cannot avoid those situations. Therefore, an effective photo recovery tool will be of great use. But no need to spend a lot of money in order to purchase the recovery tool, the Hard Drive recovery software is absolutely free of cost & contains all the features & capabilities that can be used to make the recovery process easy and fast. You can make use of this tool to recover data on Windows 7 for free. It also works perfectly to restore other types of data on all the latest versions of Windows OS.

Free Hard Drive Recovery Software

It can work perfectly to restore photos from hard drives, in situations mentioned below.

  1. Deletions – Deletion is the most common reason of photo loss from a hard drive. Suppose you are deleting some unwanted pictures & by mistake you selected an important folder containing a recent trip’s pictures. These pictures will be permanently deleted if you have used “Shift+Delete” key combination to erase the pics. If the photos are deleted only using the “Delete” option then you can find these files in the Recycle Bin. Note that if the images are deleted from an external device that is connected to a computer system, then pressing only the “Delete” button will lead to the deletion of the files.

  2. Formatting – Formatting leads to the deletion of even the last bit present on a hard drive. Formatting can be intentional or accidental but whatever may be the way, the results are very destructing. It will leave you at a state of complete data loss if you do not have a backup.

  3. Virus infection – Every user connects to the internet through their laptops or desktops. Sometimes due to accessing suspicious sites, you may end up infecting your hard drive with a serious virus or a malware. These infections can be avoided to some extent by using a good quality anti-virus, but 100% security is not assured. The viruses might delete the data saved on the hard drive without your knowledge. You will definitely need a recovery tool in this situation.

  4. File System Corruption – File system is responsible for the proper working of all the files saved on the hard drive. This file system might get corrupted due to reasons like virus infection, abrupt system shutdown or installing incompatible software. The results are inaccessibility of the saved files & sometimes deletion too.

By using this hard drive recovery software, you can get back all the deleted or lost photos without paying a single penny. Yes that is right. The tool is a free to download & use software that can be utilized to restore data of up to 1 GB. It has many unique features like Signature Search, Find Tool, Create Disk Image, Save Recovery Session, etc. The advanced & powerful scanning algorithms of this software help you to perform free photo recovery from hard drive & other storage devices like external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc.

Steps to recover photos from a hard drive for free –

Step 1 – Download the tool & install it on your system.

Step 2 – Upon running it, you will the main screen of the tool. Select “Quick Recovery” from there.

Free Photo Recovery from Hard Drive - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Free Hard Drive Recovery Software

Step 3 – Then select the drive.

Free Photo Recovery from Hard Drive - Select Drive

Fig 2 : Select Drive

Step 4 – Now the tool will start scanning the hard drive.

Free Photo Recovery from Hard Drive - Scanning Progress

Fig 3 : Scanning Progress

Step 5 – Preview the recovered photos.

Free Photo Recovery from Hard Drive - Preview Screen

Fig 4 : Preview Screen

Step 6 –Now save them on a desired location.

Free Photo Recovery from Hard Drive - Save Recovered

Fig 5 : Save Recovered

Free Hard Drive Recovery Software