Users commonly ask a question “Is it possible to restore data from a formatted drive?” Most of you will answer as “No” but due to the advancement in the technology, the NO has been changed to YES. Surprised? The reason for the recovery is that the files that you think are lost after formatting the hard drive, are actually not gone forever. By using efficient recovery software, they can be easily recovered. But in order to do so, you need not spend dollars & purchase the tool. The Hard drive recovery software is being provided for free with all the features that are required to accomplish effective recovery process.

Free Hard Drive Recovery Software

Formatting can be done in two ways, either intentional or accidental. Intentional formatting is done when the user wants to empty the hard drive to save new files. In this case, users usually takes a backup before performing the formatting, therefore there are less chances of data loss. But if the backup is not performed carefully then it might result in huge data loss.

On the other hand, accidental or mistaken formatting is more disastrous, because the user will not get any chance to take a backup. The reasons for accidental formatting can be, selecting the drive containing important info while formatting some other drive or accidentally pressing the format option while performing some other actions like renaming the drive.

When your hard drive gets infected by a virus infection, you will get format error when you try to access them. These errors are more common in external hard drives & USB drives. To restore data from an external hard drive for free, visit this link. In these cases, the user has no option left other than formatting the drive. This is a kind of an intentional formatting but the user did not get a chance to take a backup of important files & folders. Therefore it is as destructive as unintentional formatting & will leave you in a state of complete data loss.

Don’t worry if you have performed formatting of your hard drive using any of the above mentioned ways. The hard drive recovery software is there to help you & that too for free. It contains many advanced & unique features that will make your recovery process easy & fast. The tool’s interface is very intuitive that both professional & home users can attain the recovery task with utmost ease. You just have to follow the on-screen instructions & the files will be restored in a very short span of time.

The tool is capable to recover data from not only internal hard drive but also external hard drives, USB drives, flash memory cards, etc. It can restore over 300 types of file formats including photos, videos, documents, songs, etc. It can perfectly work on all the latest versions of Windows operating system. Use this tool to recover Windows 7 data for free & with extreme ease. One can even make the disk image & perform formatted hard drive recovery free of cost, at a later point of time.

How to perform formatted hard drive recovery for free?

Step 1 – After downloading the tool, install it on your Windows system. Now run it.

Step 2 – Select “Quick Recovery” option from the main screen.

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery Free - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Main Screen

Free Hard Drive Recovery Software

Step 3 – Now select the drive & click the next arrow button.

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery Free - Select Drive

Fig 2 : Select Drive

Step 4 – Wait until the tool scans for the formatted data.

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery Free - Scanning Progress

Fig 3 : Scanning Progress

Step 5 – Now preview the files.

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery Free - Preview Screen

Fig 4 : Preview Screen

Step 6 – Save the recovered files by clicking either “Save to drive” or “Save to CD / DVD” tab.

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery Free - Save Recovered

Fig 5 : Save Recovered

Free Hard Drive Recovery Software